Rainy Season Is Over in Tokyo

On July 29, the Japan Meteorological Agency announced the official end of the rainy season in the Kanto region including Tokyo, 30 days later than last year and 8 days later than usual.   Please enjoy midsummer in Japan and take care of heat stroke.


Memory in Shibuya Will Be Lost

Tokyu Department Store announced on July 22 that it will close Toyoko Store on March 31, 2020.  Overlooking Shibuya Crossing, the store has witnessed human stories since it opened in 1934 as Toyoko Department Store.  The webmaster's parents bought her a randoseru (school satchel)  at this store.  It has sentimental value to her.

Venue for Yuru Chara Grand Prix 2019

Today, the executive commitee announced that Yuru Chara Grand Prix 2019 will be held in M-WAVE in Nagano City on Novermber 2 and 3.  The webmaster wonders which character will win the Grand Prix this year.

Kumamon Square

The webmaster visited much-longed-for Kumamon Square today.  This is her first time in Kyushu.  Amazingly, March 12 is Kumamon's birthday.  She attended and celebrated his birthday with many non-Japanese tourists.  Happy Birthday, Kumamon.  Thanks a lot for rejoicing us all the time.

Kumamon Fan Festival

As mentioned in this blog dated Jan. 25, the webmaster attended Kumamon Fan Festival today.  At the opening of the show, Kumamon rushed into the hall from behind for dramatic impact.  His dancing was very sharp.  The webmaster enjoyed the stage performance so much.  At the end, Kumamon, his attendants and other mascots gave all of the audience high five to see them off.  Kumamon's hands were big and stout.